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Rose Snowdon
Rose Snowdon, CEO
Better World Software Inc.

Enhancing Lives

In late 2017, Better World Software Inc. started it's mission to enhance the lives of those in our community by supporting organizations with this shared goal.  For the first year, we provided many non-profits free and discounted services as a way to give back to the community and to really understand their challenges.   


We have since worked closely with community partners in building innovative solutions for our non-profit community. In fact, you can't get any closer than stepping in and working in a local Meals on Wheels for several months to ensure we had a full understanding of their needs.  This led to the development of the Better Meal Delivery App which is now available to non-profits across North America!


Our CEO also joined the board of a local non-profit focused on volunteerism, supporting a large group of non-profits across our community. was launched, and now thousands of volunteers are registered and connected with local non-profits.

Today we have several web-based solutions that are making a difference in our community, and more under development.  If your organization enhances lives, we would love to partner with you for a better world!

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